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About Upton , KY - Happy to be your hometown Heating & Air Conditioning Contractor!

Upton was founded in 1841. It was originally recognized as "Leesville’ but was renamed in 1856 in honor of George Washington Upton. The local benefactor had helped grow the area as a stop alongside the L&N Railroad. And, so a new name was born. Much of the history in this area centers on the railroad. For example, the nearby town of Sonora was initially called “Bucksnort” referencing the snort-like noise of old-fashioned locomotives. This region is proud of its heritage and history of hard work, loyalty and community spirit. The locals also love their many lakes, rivers and other natural wonders that set their home apart from other places in the country, and world.

Upton, located along the L&N Railroad, was a target of the Confederates during the Civil War. As one of the key north-south railroads for the Union, its train station and nearby bridges were attacked on the day after Christmas in 1862. The Northern forces were quickly overpowered and Morgan took used the telegraph post to assemble intelligence on Union troops. The Confederates then marched out of Upton on that cold, wintry day, to continue their demolition of the area as they wiped out bridges at close by Bacon Creek and on the Nolin River.

This area has some very unique and special history and the community is proud to share its culture, traditions, foods and music at their many local festivals and events. The annual Twin Lakes National Fiddler Championship is held every year in Leitchfield and a cash prize is awarded to winning fiddler. on Leitchfield also hosts the Grayson County Fair, every warm summer, launching the week prior to Labor Day and concluding with the town’s Labor Day parade. The town holds the Grayson County Ag Fair each year, as well as a Memorial Day Parade and Ceremony held on the Saturday before Memorial Day.